construction template

Hi, im deciding to buy this template (bellow), some doubts :slight_smile:


  1. the price of 49 Dolars is for one payment only for the template right? its not per month, right?

  2. I would like to know if i can use all the pluggins from WP, and if the template acetpt upgrades from WP.

  3. Is there any tutorial to help build the website? Im gona use almost the same structure, but im not a TI profesional, im marketing… coordinator… …

thanks a lot!

  1. One-off payment

  2. Yes but you should check with the author on compatibility with non included plugins

  3. Items come with documentation which covers the basics but a degree of expertise and technical ability would be useful.

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Thanks Charlie ! Still thinking about this template, i just loved! But im not a expert in tecnology… seems to be not so simple to customize the web to my engeneer business…

Another question, sorry… if i have to up load this theme (Construction) at Word press, i have to get o upgrade to the business plan premium in WP and pay / monthly for that to WP, is that correct?
plus … the cost of the template (Construction

You would if you want to use but you can get your own domain and hosting much cheaper through any of the big providers (GoDddy, Host Gator, Blue, WPEngine (better)) and install WordPress on there

Thanks a LOT