Congrats to JBlanks being featured author of the week!

Jamie Blanks is an extraordinary talented music composer and filmmaker. Already well known because of some great movies like “Urban Legend”, “Storm Warning” and many more. Just google!

Jamie was nominated for the AACTA (Award for Best Editing in a Documentary).

And he’s providing awesome music for movies and many other projects right here on AudioJungle.
Best of all, he’s still grounded, and a very likeable guy.

Many congrats on being featured. Well deserved! And good luck for the future, my friend! :tada: :four_leaf_clover:


Congrats Jamie! I hope to see you more often here. :wink:

Congrats! :tada:

Awesome!! Congrats

Congrats buddy. May new followers follow you :slight_smile:

I missed it… thanks for bringing it to our attention Udo!
Congrats Jamie, you shoulda been up there much sooner… If you happen to drop by and see this, I wish you all the best mate!


Congratulations JB! :thumbsup: