Thank you AUDIOJUNGLE for...



Hey mastermind bros!
On the 1st Oct my first upload was approved, on the 1st Nov, I made to the top new authors!
This was my aim for the first month, but I didn’t believe it could happen! :slight_smile:
It feels so great!
Working hard for some new tracks!
I just wanted to share this great feeling with you bros!
Rock on everyone!


Hope to join you soon :slight_smile:


Really great man! Congratulations!


You will bros!
Just respect it as a real job!
Success will come!


Awesome! Congrats, man! That top new authors list is great to be on :slight_smile:


@JamesVMusic Bro, you’ve been a great moral support around here ever since I came here!
I salute you, and thank you !


That’s what we’re here for :wink:

The community atmosphere is one of the things that makes AJ so special. I was made very welcome when I first came here back in April this year. It’s been an amazing journey so far and I learn so much every day from the community and other authors.


Great stuff, man! Keep up the good work!


That’s true bro, most of people are great human beings around here! :slight_smile:
Thank you dear friend! Well, you’ve got amazing pieces brother.