Compression of NKI(kontakt) files.

Hello People! I encountered a problem!
In my computer is not enough RAM. I have only 16 gigabytes. In project need to create a lot of kontakts(vst-s).
They are heavy and take up all the memory! Is it possible to compress them?

16 is plenty! You cannot compress them but you need to change the settings in Kontakt so that only the necessary samples are loaded into RAM. The entire instrument libraries don’t have to be loaded.

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Hi @_Blacksmith ! Try to click purge all samples. This is will restart your instrument and will make a little more place for RAM :slight_smile:


This certainly works, I do it all the time! :+1:t2:

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Just freeze or bounce some of the MIDI tracks into audio. Old school, I know, but it frees up both your RAM and CPU.

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Thanks for advises people. Many thanks ! :slight_smile:

Lots of great advice for clearing up memory in a project! Thanks guys!

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Always when I got such problems I byued additional memory (4 or 8 Gb) :slight_smile:

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@_Blacksmith ou can always export your MIDI channels , but I think that @LuckyBlackCat have a point , nothing should slow you down while you’re creating your music ! Good luck dude !

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There is an arrow behind purge button. Click in an select ‘reload all samples’. Kontakt will leave only those samples which are used in your midi track and will upload new if needed. This will turn 500 mb of ram into 10mb. And you can make as many tracks as you need. I have only 3 gb of ram and feel no discomfort at all.

Watch This Video! :wink:

sound advices here…many thanks to all for this

if you own 32bit Windows, max RAM is 3.2 out of the 4 you have, it’s operating system limit
so try to get pianos or orchestral stuff that have small footprint, not huge complex ones

if you own 64bit Windows (win 7 etc), than sky is the limit.
Make sure you plan ahead for your next DAW and get a super fast processor (i7 recommended,
the faster the more expensive) and also don’t think 8GB ram. Think 32GB. Some may say
RAM is so cheap nowadays that they can get 64GB of ram. Also think of getting
an expensive RAID controller to mirror your files so you don’t just lose your projects when
a harddisk fails. You sleep better at night.

hope my thoughts will help you in your endeavours

That’s strange, I also have 16gb ram, and I run projects with 20+ kontakt instruments loaded + drum samplers+heavy synths and I still have enough headroom to do mix and master in the same project. 16gb should be more than enough RAM for 95% of music production needs…