Compatible themes with Bangkok Press

Hi all,

I’m looking at changing themes from Bangkok Press (ThemeForest) to something that’s compatible.

Bangkok Press uses “Page Builder” for layout so I’m assuming that another theme using the same would be the best chance of maintaining all content on pages.

Any suggestions or trouble-shooting ideas for this migration? We have a lot of content so I’ll be copying and pasting code etc, but I want this to go as smooth as possible.


Depends on what you’re planning on changing to?

Can you let us know a little more about what you’re thinking?

Thanks Matthew!

I’d like to change the theme to something that has a full width slider (full width of the browser window) where you’re able to build pages with blocks of content, similar to Page Builder. I love the look of Clean Lab ( I’m assuming that all the pages and posts would be in place for the most part but I’m not sure if all the content blocks on the home page would translate over to the new theme. I’d rather not have to rebuild from scratch. Does that make sense at all?

I know the design end of things, but I’m not a developer, hence the need for support. Thank you!

Cheers, @simple1

Full-width sliders aren’t difficult. Through the magical power of WP plugins you could add one to just about any theme you like the look of, even CleanLab. Probably the most popular slider plugin on the market is @themepunch’s Slider Revolution:

When you refer to Page Builder, I’m assuming you mean this plugin? Again, if it was a plugin, you could conceivably apply it to any new WordPress theme that you like the look of to keep the construction process that you’re used to…

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Hi again!

I’ve used Slider Revolution before, great plugin! It looks like CleanLab is already built with a full page slider, so I wouldn’t have to add a plugin if I used that theme.

When I refer to Page Builder (and I know there’s lots of built in plugins that use the same name), I mean this one:

It’s built into a few themes I’ve used in the past. I’m wondering if I use a theme with the same page builder plugin, would all content on my pages translate over?

For that question, I’m going to tag in the advice of someone who knows a lot more than me… @dtbaker? :smiley:

Thanks Matthew!

While I don’t scratch the surface of @dtbaker 's genius - I always thought that the Page Builder that GoodLayers use was a customised plugin they have.

If that is the case then you would almost certainly need to be moving to another theme using the same one i.e another GoodLayer one.

That said as @matthewcoxy said something like rev or layer slider should be pretty easy to add to the theme and give you the full width slider you want.

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Hi Charlie,

Thanks so much for chiming in! I think that’s the info I needed…the name
of the developer of that particular plugin. Goodlayers! If I do a search of
Goodlayers themes, I can ask the theme’s authors about particular concerns
I have.

Thanks so much for all your help Matthew and Charlie!