Full page, responsive slider with hotspot map (for Wordpress)

I’ve searched high and low, and gone through a number of search pages and criteria. I’m looking for a responsive slider, that has the ability to add a hotspot map to the image.

I’ve searched through Code Canyon, and I’ve purchased one that I thought would work, but it doesn’t. Wasted $16.00 on that.

Does anybody know of another one that fits the bill?

I understand. Do you have a background with WP plugins? A profile I can view? I’m prepared to contract out for this plugin, but I’ll need to see some previous work. Important to me are…

  • Good, clean code
  • Update-able code

Here’s a simple proposal -

Slider with the ability to add a hotspot map. Each hotspot needs to be able to contain either text, inline css or custom html content, image, video player (youtube and/or vimeo), and custom background coloring. These conditions may change.

Must be compatible with Wordpress versions 3.6, up to 3.8. Must be code that can be easily updated. Should you decide to create a jQuery based plugin for html sites, that’s on you. I’m only requesting it be WP compatible.

Also, I want a stand alone stylesheet.

Budget: $140
Time Line: 2 weeks from start

Payment terms can be discussed upon agreement of the above.

Please let me know…

I wud chuck in some money as well :slight_smile: I need the exact same thing.

I need this too!

emeraldwave SAYS
I need this too!..

Sir, Please contact me via profile page contact form, I an help you on this.