Feedback wanted for our WordPress Slider before submitting



Hi WP folks,
My team is currently working on a new WordPress Slider plugin. The beta package now is ready and we want to run a beta test before publishing. Here is our landing page with a simple demo for slider if you want to have a look:

We stay focused on UX and performance improvement. That’s why we are seeking for feedback from real users. Besides, any feature suggestions are welcome. If you want a beta package to try out, please PM me or can leave your email on our landing page. Hope to hear your feedback!


Hi, is it completely custom made? Are you using any one of the slider scripts available? Is it forked from some other?


Hi Gautam, our slider is mostly custom made. Besides, we also use some available script under MIT license.


Cool just signed up! Waiting for the beta version. :slight_smile:


looking great :grinning: