commercial use of fonts

Hello, I’m a designer who uses it for a fee in Korea.

1.Can I use the font commercially?

2.If our logo contains Envato’s font, can I register it as a trademark? (company, cafe, brand…)

3.Can I use the mock-up for the portfolio of logos?

Thank you always for the good materials.
I am not good at English, but thank you for understanding me.

You can use fonts for free but you can add links file documentation and description for graphicriver will approved.

Yes, you can use mockup but only demo preview (image .jpg) but file buyer not.


The font I am asking is graphicpear font, not dafont.
I wonder if the added image font is commercially available (CI, BI, LOGO, Trademark)

I’m a paid user.

Everything you can purchase / Download from Envato Elements or Envato Market can be used for commercial purposes of course.


Just to be clear you cannot trademark a design using items from envato

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