combine the effects of a few packs///

Is it possible to combine the effects of a few packs? … For example a full pack (40 … effects) and reduced pack (10 effects (also includes a full Pack)) … Thanks for the answer …
(I have seen that every sfx can be laid out separately…)

Please, anybody?

A headscratching question :wink: Really.

From one side, the rules don’t allow to have the same item in more than one pack.

From other side, the rules allow to combine in pack the sfx which are already uploaded separately.

So from formal side, the difficulty is about can your “reduced packs” be concidered as “single” items including some variations or as “packs” itselves. Sometimes it’s obvious from item’s price, but sometimes it’s not.

It could be clearer if such small “packs” containing only fresh (not uploaded earlier) items were strictly concidered as “single items”, and be allowed to be then recombined in another bigger packs. So we could have the same item twice in portfolio (maximally) if included in pack. But… from one more side, it would legally let the authors to play with endless repackages without much adding of new items, which is an absurd.

Such mess is because the sound packs can be as of approved already, as also of fresh items - the item containing a few stylistically similar sfx, is also named “pack”. But the same time sound packs follow the general packs rules and are not clarified specifically.

What an intrigue! :smiley: Sorry, I cannot shed any more light at this, can only suggest to upload that sfx separately at first (as single items) and then combine it to big pack. To avoid possible problems with that mess.

Maybe someone else is more informed about this to clarify please?

I’ve been told by support that the same single audio file can not be included in more than one pack. Simple enough :slight_smile:

No, the stuck matter is of “pack” word meaning. Can an item be included in the pack being already uploaded as a a small “pack” of few fresh items? (for sfx they are named “packs” too).
Example: is this a pack or not?

I’d say it is a pack. It’s more than one sound, right? I count to 6 :slight_smile:

So no, you can’t make packs where any of the separate files have been included in other packs (meaning other items featuring more than one sound). At least that’s the answer I got from support, and I pretty much had the same question.

Ah got it, thank you. So to make such items able to be contained in pack, we need firstly to update it deleting all the variations above one, to make it clearly single items.

Well, rules also stipulate you cannot upload the same sound twice, so it’s a bit in the grey zone whether you can do that. If it was allowed, anyone could make a pack, delete some sounds, upload again, repeat. Check with support first :sunglasses:

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Short answer No, long answer No it isn’t.

Maybe I’m wrong though…I don’t know :slight_smile: