CodeCanyon request re-submit

" Please resubmit this to the WordPress category. If you’re unable to switch categories, please resubmit this as a new item. " . i have a email from codeCanyon , so my item is approve . who 's tell me know . Please . Thank you so much

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It’s not approved, just soft rejected at this point. Sounds like you’ve submitted a WordPress Theme but categorised it as something else in the dropdown menu. Change the category if you can, and resubmit it. It’ll be in your hidden items tab in your dashboard.

I mean this idea is approved and only re-submit . is it right ? :. please tell me know :frowning: . THank you so much

I don’t think so. I believe they don’t even start reviewing items if they fall into an incorrect category because… well, what’s the point? :?)

Yes , maybe you are correct :slight_smile: . Thank all so much . i will waiting for result :slight_smile: