CodeCanyon Queued for Review since 8 days


I had uploaded script of php 8 days ago but still it is in queued for review. So can you please let me know how long it will take to review.


ya te dieron respuesta? me pasĂł lo mismo, compre el plugin pero dice que esta en revision

Until mine was rejected it took about two weeks, you have to wait more…

Nope, even I submitted ticket but not got any reply from there also.

@AluCoder Okay I see. thanks for reply

8 days sounds about right and this excludes weekends

I just got reply from envato that Your item has been rejected just with reason it isn’t at the quality standard. But everything in code was perfect with proper quality and standard. I checked others code and those are very very bad then also those items are on codecanyon and I made proper it in proper coding standard then also my item has been rejected. Can anyone help me why they rejected my script ?

You’d need to share a demo/more info on what you submitted (do not share a download of the actual item) if you want feedback

Hi there.

CodeCanyon does not approve items just because the code is proper quality and follows standards. It is a marketplace for premium, unique, and useful items. In the PHP scripts category, front-end design also does not matter - it’s more about the features your item has to offer, and how well they were implemented. If a reviewer feels like an item isn’t “good enough” to be approved here, then it is rejected for failing to meet quality standards.

Did you clarify the use case for your item in the description? Who will use it? Why? How is this useful? If a reviewer determines that an item is not likely to sell well, it can also be rejected for the same “quality standard” reason. I fail to see a common use case right now, but that could just be me.

How hard is it to remotely set up an e-mail account for cPanel? Is there free code available on the net which can do it? If your app doesn’t do much more than free code can do, then it is not very likely to be approved as a premium item.

Furthermore: The admin theme you’re using is not a free theme. Do you own the rights for that? Did you specifically purchase a license allowing re-sale and commercial use, or get permission from the author of it?

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@baileyherbert thanks for clarification. I will check and keep in mind next time.