Codecanyon collaboration - PHP version of Support Board for WordPress


Hi to everyone!

I’m the author of Support Board for WordPress ( and due I’m receiving lot’s of requests for a PHP version I want create it, but I not have the time :frowning: so I’m finding a Codecanyon author that want develop the PHP version of my plugin.

The PHP version will be published on Codecanyon under PHP area.
The author i’m finding have this features:

  1. Almost 1 item already published on PHP area
  2. Author and avarage items rating of minimum 4.5 stars
  3. Author should support his items

Plugin URL:

Plugin details

  • Featured item
  • Price for both WP and PHP is $29
  • About 50 sales per month
  • Expected sales for PHP version are more than the WP version, so I think about 60 per month.


The changes required for the conversion are the following:

  1. Shortcode – Replace shortcode with a PHP code like <?php support_board(“chat”) ?>
  2. Admin area – The admin area is ready but must be launched from a PHP file instead that from WordPress.
  3. Read \ write values from the DB – Currently conversations, ticket, settings and users are stored into the MySQL database and read/write with WordPress functions update_option() and read_option(). PHP version must save the infos into a MySQL database with different functions. All informations are saved with JSON format.
  4. WordPress user system – This feature will be removed on PHP version.
  5. Translations – WordPress version use built-in functions. For PHP use a PHP framework feature or create your own functions, the translations files must be the same of WordPress.
  6. Some minor features will not be available like CSS colors from settings.
  7. All the settings of the WordPress admin area must be replaced by a config file that contain an array of settings.
    The other parts like front-end are ready and not should not require additional work, all the functions use AJAX.

Development requirements

  1. The code part (PHP,JS,CSS,HTML) must be written correctly, commented when required and organized correctly. So you must write good code, not the faster to write but the best.
  2. Any part of the code must not generate Warnings or Errors.
  3. The plugin must work always without bugs when used for the first time by the costumer.
  4. Use a PHP framework like, this is required by Codecanyon
  5. Maintain most as possible the original WordPress files, this is important for easily update the plugin with new features, the following files should not be changed: main.js, main.css, languages folder, admin.css. In general the code must be indipendent and modular, in this way is easy integrate new features from WordPress version.

Collaboration details

I’m flexible about collaboration type, we can do one of the following:

  • We can split the earnings
  • I can pay 1 time fee of max 1000USD

The item can be published under my account or under collaborator account.

For who are interested please contact me at

Thank you!