Need tips on marketing one of my product.

One of my Product was sale much. It has much feature then other app. Every buyer of this app feels happy with this app.

Please help me.
Please suggest me about marketing tips.
I also want to do a paid marketing if that will helpful for this app’s sale.

Unfortunately it is just a support system.
While it might sale really good and keep selling a bit, it is just a niche that is really specific for you and attracting new customers is hard.

Thanks for your comment.
But its sales rate is decreased. Almost zero. Every month it sold 20-25 quantity but now it sale is almost zero.
Do you have any idea how can I increase its sales?

Yes, that can happen for variaty of reasons.

  1. There are new same plugins
  2. You are not actively promoting
  3. You havent put updates

and the list can go far on…

Thanks again for your valuable comment.

  1. Yes, but no plugins has this kind of feature.
  2. Do you have any suggestion, how can I promote this app. I am almost new in this market.
  3. I always updating this. adding new feature and fixing if there is any bug

Hello appsbd,

I purchased your script.
I think you should make a wordpress plugin instead a standalone script. It would be fantastic.

thank you. we have already developed a wordpress plugin for auto login