My product doesn't meet my expectation.

It’s is 100% 5 start rated web application. Every buyer said in my support system , it’s the best web application for Support System. But it won’t sale much.

Here is my product link.

I had added this video as video preview

But I have replace by this

Which one is best for my product?

Can I get some suggestion.

Please give me some advice .

Sarwar Hasan

I liked the first, it’s more explanatory.

About the sales, I think it’s selling well based on the time it was posted, you should give more time.

About the video, I’m not an expert on video editing but, I can help you trying to make it better if you are interested let me know.

Hi haiknow,
Thanks for your reply.

Please help me. How can I make it better?


I think it could have less text, reducing the text and making it more visual, and maybe some voice to explain it too. About the video time, is perfect, no more than 3 minutes.

First video I have removed and replaced 2nd video.

Should I replace first video again with these modification?

Make the third video with the adjustments and test it to see if you have more sales.

Thank you again for your suggession
Yes, I will make 3rd one, but based on first or second?

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