Wordpress plugins Support platform



i would like to know what kind of support platform plugins developers use to link with envato license code, in order to support customers who purchased their plugins or work ?
Do you have your own support platform like wordpress plugin Buddy, or a 3rd party support platform.

My goal is to know what is the best platform to support my products/work sold here ?



I use a PHP script I bought from CodeCanyon, to offer support for my items.

Its price it’s not the lowest, but it’s a very good script and the developer is very serious, he is making constant updates, offering good support for his script. I am very happy with it.

Before that, I tried the Ticksy platform, it’s very good too, but I wanted more flexibility and customization, that’s why I switched to that PHP script.

You can have a look on CodeCanyon, you can find many good scripts or WordPress plugins to create a support website/forum.


I use a PHP script which i have designed and developed by myself. If you’d like to have this script then i can definitely help you out. For all of my customers and clients who has purchased my products i do offer them support under my own help portal without any issue