Classified ads themes, scripts, plugins and Extended Licenses, your opinion is important!!!

Just throwing a question out here because it is driving me crazy.

The way I understood now from one of the Authors is the next.

If you buy a classified ad scrip, theme or plugin and make the classified ads not free but you let customers pay to publish a listing, or if you setup a payment for promoted classified ad or featured classified ad then you need to buy a Extended License.

So strange this.

But now here it comes, visitors can few the content for free, you are not selling any subscription etc etc etc and the end user the website visitor has free access to the classified ads and don´t even have to registrate to view the content.

Quote from a moderator,

So most ecommerce sites are fine with a regular license… as although the end users might have to pay to buy your products, and you may be making money using the site… nobody is having to actually pay just to visit or access the website itself.

Now I believe the Author is wrong and a regular License has to be more then a enough for on a single site, theme etc etc etc…

But if I would be wrong, I ask myself why these themes, scripts and plugins getting sold in the first place with a regular License and why not straight away for a price including a Extended License?!?!

There are so many themes, scripts and plugins available all with payment system integrated and build with the sole purpose to sell classified ad listings and all get sold from the get go with a basic regular license.


Access to website is free
Access to content is free
End Product is free publicly to view
Publishing Promoted and featured classified ads is with payment ( who are free to view for the public )
No paid subscriptions
No paid social etc etc etc
No payment needed to view content ( classified ads )


Please college Envato Marketplace Members give me your view and Opinion on this subject!!

Why do you think so?

But you’re paying to post an advert. You’re not paying to use the plugin. Yes, you have to use that plugin to post the advert, but that’s not what you’re paying for… otherwise you’d bill somebody for creating, scheduling and customising an advert, whether they complete that advert on the ‘pay now’ page or not.

Why do I think so.

I think so because one of the Authors says in his item details and its comments to customers and potential customers that this is stated in the Legal Agreement of Envato Market Place.

In Item details is stated with a big banner


Then in comments it says when you want to make the classified ads not free but charge for them or promote/featured classified ads you are obligated to buy an extended License by Envato Market Place.

That´s why I think so!

I have the opinion that it is so incorrect! That it is just a way from the Author to try to sell Extended Licenses.

There’s a large quantity of authors who don’t quite understand the licenses. You’d be surprised how many people think that charging a client for work created using an Envato item, requires an extended license… as they’re under the impression that the client is the end user… when they aren’t. Feel free to report such items if they’re misrepresenting the terms of the license.

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I think @SpaceStockFootage has already answered the question

Thank you SpaceStockFootage and ki-themes for your opinion and feedback I realy appreciate it, seriously!

I love Envato Market Place and been a customer for 5 years, got myself over a 100 products here during these years and never had encountered such an issue.

I did report this item, just feel bad for those customers who spend money on something they did not realy need :frowning:

Thanks again!

Unfortunately Envato has a other point of few and says that when you sell featured classifieds ads or promoted ads you need to buy an extended license.

I ask them to put this back again with the Envato legal department because I am confidenced that this stand point is totally wrong.

If this would be the case then I believe that thousands of customers who bought a classified ads theme/plugin and or script are using these illegally because all of them will sell featured and promoted ads!!!