Clarity of Rules for print on demand use of images and fonts


Just wanted to clarify … I want to use an image and font that I found in Envato Elements but I am confused by the terms of use I read which makes it sound like this is not an option to use so I would like a clear answer.

I would like to add an image plus font which are both from Elements to use on my print on demand tshirt

Is this ok ?


If it’s a one-off print of a shirt then it’s ok (you need to be subscribed when you complete the project).

If it is to form part of an ‘on demand’ type service or offer i.e. an option that any number of people could use when ordering their version of the t-shirt, then that is not allowed

ok thank you

So if I use a video clip from elements in a video and it is seen by a million people does this also apply ?


You would need to check with elements support - I am not familiar enough with video to confirm that

ok cool … thanks so much for your reply Charlie :smile:

What if i use an image and add text to it, then put it in my shopify store as a mockup that gets printed when somebody orders it? They cannot edit the design, only purchase the final product as is, is this ok?

I wondering this to.

If I good understand. We can use photos, font, etc. make something and put that design on POD (print on demand websites) like new design and someone order that later untached. But we can’t put unmodified items. And can’t put items where someone else can manipulate/design that items for POD.

But we need someone from Envato to clear this.