Cinematic Choir VST

Can anyone recommend one? on Discount now. - check their products/vocals some interesting things are there :slight_smile:

If you’re looking for epic stuff, then Soundiron Mars (men) and Venus (women) - it is incredible.

It builds on their previous ‘Requiem’ choir in every possible way, and the sound and playability is just better.

If you are looking for a purer or more intimate sound, then definitely pick up Soundiron Mercury as it is a younger boys choir.

Finally, if you want something cheaper, and quick and dirty, then you can always try Strezov Storm. I’m personally not a fan because it’s not very in-depth, but it still has a pretty good sound.

Blimey Gareth, that Soundiron stuff sounds incredible! Nice.

I must admit, I’ve always had a soft spot for the ancient and limping EW Symphonic Choirs PLAY edition (I used the Kontakt version at Uni years ago!). Although it’s not great anymore, you can still get reasonable results in English singing like this demo - play from about 2:02 - with orchestration from VSL too;

Vienna Choir is good for legato oo and aaaa too :smiley: and different articulations.

I’ve been using VOXOS by Cinesamples for the last year and love it:

Hope you find what you are looking for! All the stuff mentioned above is great too :slight_smile:

delgibbons said

Blimey Gareth, that Soundiron stuff sounds incredible! Nice.

A fan of the Soundiron stuff here as well. For production music, I find I get a long just fine with the scaled down versions, Requiem Light and Olympus Elements. Might work if you can’t afford the full blown versions.

I think 8dio’s Requiem Professional is a beauty!

Regarding Storm Choir, if that library interests you then you should wait for their upcoming Stirm Choir 2.

My ordinal favorite choir libs are SIs Mars, Venus and Requiem Light (which has a more epic sound that the former two) and 8dios Liberis

Ooh, beautiful sounds, all of them.

Now I just need to win the Lottery and I can upgrade my system and buy them all! :smiley:

One day soon…

Just wanted to revisit this old thread as I just got 8Dio Insolidus and I love it. Fun to play and creates instant fragile sound. Take a listen in this tune I created with Insolidus and Olafur Arnald strings for example: <3

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