check my html before submit themeforest

Hi to all:

Please help me check my html all browsers before submit themeforest.


If error or problem please advice me thanks.

Nice template, Check some issues:

Good lock!

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Many thanks :slight_smile: I will fixed and submit regards.

Check it on a phone - looks like several issue with spacing and the pages not scrolling (iPhone 7)

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@charlie4282 which browser? please help me thanks.

@charlie4282 I already find iphone7 and I am fixing many thanks.

iPhone safari

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Home page images crop and no other pages scroll

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@charlie4282 many thanks :+1:

Any other advice? my template.

Please help me. I already fix my template please check again my template (reload) thanks.

I am sorry to say this but you are far from themeforest requirements, I can’t tell you to change this or that, it is an overall issue, my advice is to look into templates that area approved in 2019 and try to adapt to what is done this days. In the way it looks not your template will get a hard reject 100%.

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