please help about this item

hi there I made a html template and recently I got hard reject please help me what mistake I made>>>

lemme say im bignner on themeforest but i noticed something , the design is long way off (im not sure! cuz i submited something like tht, the result is rejected ofcaurse, due to design and bad topography i had used ) and other things are the text on A Bit About Us section is too small (FOR ME) also text on image hover on Our Work section is too small then previous section , remove focus images border on the team section just use outline:none; On Why people love US section something i dont like it also is the text was wraped on hover i think its annoying for visitors. On mobile horizontal scrollbar shown , and the important thing is the documentation should be clean and clear. Good luck! [Wait for other can gives u other thing , BYE]