Changes to Photo review process

Hi all. We’re making a change to the photo review process, which will come into effect next week.

What’s changing?

From 19 July 2021, photo items will be rejected when a model or property release is required, but has not been provided. In light of this upcoming change, please take greater care in ensuring that releases are applied correctly to each batch of photos on upload, to avoid rejections for this reason.

If you upload photos via FTP, we recommend uploading in batches based on common release forms (e.g. by photoshoot), so that the release forms attached are relevant to most or all of the images in the batch. All uploaded images are automatically linked to all the uploaded model releases.

Why is this change being made?

Enforcing our model and property release requirements during item review allows us to provide greater confidence to our customers. Photos that are submitted without model releases will now be rejected, if model releases were required.

More information

If you have any questions about this change, please let us know.


I though it’s been required from the beginning of the time


It was that way, and this is just an extra attachment and layer of enforcement to those pre-existing rules. The world is heavily focusing on privacy nowadays, so better safe than sorry! Cheers! :fist_right:t2::fist_left:t2:

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Today is the 20th of the month. Are our products canceled if we do not provide these files? I saw the warning too late…

Is this only for photo uploaders?

Most likely they will get rejected if they don’t meet the new criteria. As this criteria is in effect starting the 19th and your projects were submitted on the 20th, there’s a high probability of them being rejected. I’d suggest contacting author support via → Envato Authors Help and Support

Hey @3DSB

This only applies to new submissions (the first day of this way of review was yesterday). This does not affect images reviewed before.

This only applies to photos.

Trust that adds clarity :+1:

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