Change content based on geolocation - App or Wordpress?

I want to create a simple app (or Wordpress site0 that displays specific photos and text based on the phones location.

I am thinking I make it in either Wordpress or Android Studio?

If anyone has a simple solution for me in either, please get in touch.

If you’re making it with wordpress you can use a plugin like

I have used lots of wordpress plugins but they are all using the IP address of wherever my phones 3G signal comes from (the mast 2 miles away?) The location readings are all incorrect. They all show 2 miles away whilst my actual Google Maps app shows my exact location.

All right I see what you mean now, if you need that kind of accuracy you’re right!

You should be doing an android app

This is what I am staring to think.
I am just looking now to see how a custom Google Map inside Wordpress would work.
DO you think I would have the same problem?
Why is a website map returning a different location to my phone app?