Need WP plugin - address database with google maps connect

Hi everyone,
I want to setup an individual address list with several categories on my WP page.
Visitors and admins should be able to add addresses and comments.
Visitors input needs to be activated by admin.

Visitors looking for someone from the address list should be asked for their location and radius they want to have the addresses 1.listed and 2.displayed on a google map.

Is there already a wp plugin ready to use for what I need? Address Database AND Google Map display function?
Perfect would be if the plugin uses the WP database and addes the database tabled to the existing wp database by using different prefix for the tables.


If you and find such plugin you will need to customize that plugin. I didn’t find plugin that is out of box.
I have work on similar sites and there I have need to customize plugin .

Hi Zaccc,
thanx for your comment. I have a friend who found something like what I need. It is an old version not working on actual PHP.