Carters layered Font won't install windows 10

Anyone else having a problem with this font from swistblnk

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Have you moved the .ttf file to windows/fonts, instead of the .zip file?

Please notice that if you have more than one font ‘style’ they will all condense into one listing. For example: NewFont-Bold.ttf, NewFont-Italic.ttf will all group under ‘NewFont’.

You can try too:

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Yes I unzipped the file.
I guess I wasn’t clear enough in my question.
The problem is that the different layered fonts are not showing up in Photoshop or Illustrator.
I’ve tried installing both OTF and TTF files.
One or two of the layers will be available example: Carters Shadow will be in the font list but the Carters Regular will not be in the font list.
Tried to install this font on another machine and got the same problem.

Hi submidget,

Could you please install FontBase (free) and send a screenshot of the font preview?

Thank you for your help with this problem

You can see from the screenshot Carter Regular displays in photoshop. So does Carter Black Shadow.
Carters Drop (although listed in the dropdown) does not render also Carters Shadow does not display

Hi submidget

Once this issue is specific for the font, you can try to contact the author privately and share with him the link for this discussion or send him he screenshots: