Missing Font in After Effects

I bought an After Effects project in Envato. I got the font, and downloaded it. I installed it, but AE still says it can’t be found. What else do I need to do to get it to recognize it? I’m on a Windows Machine, and the font was an Open Type font. Could that be the issue? Or, do I need to do something else? I did restart the computer and After Effects.


Hmm, could you try closing and reopening After Effects to see if that fixes it? Programs generally won’t recognize newly installed fonts until they are restarted.

I did that and no luck.

Could you let me know what font you installed (a link if possible, otherwise a name) and I’ll try it on my end?

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Hmm, it showed up immediately for me:


Make sure this icon here is disabled as shown (it will be blue when enabled) otherwise it will hide the font:


If it still isn’t showing, go to your Windows settings > Personalization > Fonts and search for ChunkFive to see if it’s showing up in there. Another solution might be to uninstall the font from settings, extract the .otf from the zip file, right click it and hit “Install for all users”.