Cant upload Fastest theme to Shopify


I cant upload Fastest theme to my Shopify store as it too large in size 56MB and Shopify supports only 50MB? Please help!


Contact with your item author hope your problem will solved how to contact .
Or open a support ticket for Envato Help Hope they would like you assist you.


Thank you. I’ve open Envato help support ticket, no response so far…

support will almost certainly tell you to speak to the author.

are you certain you are trying to install only the theme and not the entire download which will include other files e.g. documentation etc. also?

You must extract download package and upload theme file inside

Thanks for everyone’s reply, my mistake I was trying to upload the entire download :blush:, the issue was solved and I’ve received step by step instructions how to install theme from support team. :ok_hand: