Can't sign up for artbees

I hired a developer to upload the theme few weeks ago and I just realise he has signed up at using his email and my purchase code (provided to him as he requested during theme activation. Now I can’t sign up for artbees using my purchase code and I am not using his services anymore. How can i rectify this with artbees?

Currently I am unable to update Jupiter and Visual Composer.

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You’d need to speak to the author but assuming you bought the item off your own profile on themeforest then you can always download the latest versions from assuming you are logged in

How do I contact the Author? I can’t sign up to artbees. It’s not a long-term solution to keep manually updating the theme though themeforest.

You can use the contact form on their profile here (bottom right-hand side)

I’ve sent the author an email. Thanks so much for the link. I was looking everywhere.