Can't see shopkeeper-child on the left side of the wordpress dashboard

I installed shopkeeper and then shopkeeper-child themes. After that I activated shopkeeper-child theme but the left side of the dashboard showed shopkeeper not shopkeeper child like a tutorial I learned from

My dashboard

His dashboard

How can I solve the problem? I have to use the child theme.

PS. I am using wordpress in the localhost of my computer for studying not making the real website now.


First of all if you have questions with your item I strongly recommend you to check the documentation that comes with the theme.

Secondly, if you can’t find necessary info there, you should get in touch with the author of the theme for support(In a ticket or via comments section - on ThemeForest).

Good Luck!

Hi! Just wanted to find out if you were able to fix the issue you were having? I came across the same exact issue and was also watching a tutorial video and although I followed step by step my dashboard still reads Shopkeeper without child. Any suggestions?

Thank you,