update shopkeeper - modifications in the childtheme lost

After updating the shopkeeper theme, all modifikations for the childtheme are gone. How to get them back?

First of all. make sure that the Child theme is activated. Maybe you re-activated the parent theme by mistake :slight_smile:

Yes of course - the child theme is activated. I did the changes myself.
Now I have another question:
Theme customizer > shop > when i activate sidebar-style “On Page” - as i want to see the sidebar on the shop-page - the shop disappears on my mebsite.
by the way - in the customizer i cant click the shop and with the “Sidebar off canvas” the link “Eingrenzen” does not work.
So there must be a problem with the connection to woocommerce.
Here is the Link to the website: https://padme-jooles.com/shop/
thanks a lot!