Cant restore projects to use downloaded templates in DaVinci Resolve (Temporary Folder Not Found)

To import templates I downloaded from envato elements for Davinci Resolve (e.g. Shape Elements Pack | DaVinci Resolve von FlashFXbox auf Envato Elements ) I need to “Restore Project Archive”.

If I do this, I get the error:


Failed to create temporary folder.

This happens with all the project I downloaded here and want to restore.

I checked all the paths in preferences and they exists and beside this, DaVinci is working fine.

Mac Monterey DaVinciResolve 17.4.6

How can I fix this?

It is always good to have support, so you dont rely on yourself ony.

Oh wait.

Here is the solution

Close Davinci

Delete or rename the file


Start Davinci.

Re-Import Project.