Can't remember the name of the song


Hi, I downloaded a preview file of a song months ago and now the client just woke up from hibernation and I need to buy it. But I can’t remember the name… Is there somebody who recognize it? :slight_smile:


Hey! Just upload it somewhere and put link here, so we can listen and search. :wink:


Woops, good idea :wink:


If it will be hard to find the track from the video, please check this one:
Good luck!


@audiojungle : we should develop an Envato Shazam ^^


Hi flixnl - I don’t recognize the tune. I tried using but had no luck narrowing it down from the large number of possibilities. If you need to go back to the well for a new track, please consider this tune as a replacement. Good luck on the project!


Why AudioJungle doesn’t just include the name of the track in the preview file is BEYOND ME.



Thank you SO MUCH! You saved the day :smiley:


Thank you everybody, you guys are awesome! And the Envato Shazam would be amazing ^^


Soundizer seems to be working now.