Can't open Wordpress Appearance Editor

Hi Guys,

Despite using filezilla and locating the theme to change permissions to 777, i still can’t see the ‘Editor’ option in my dashboard.

Am i missing something???



What are you changing file permission on and why to 777?

You should not need to change any permissions related to your core WordPress functionality (folders/files).

When you refer to the ‘editor’ are you talking about the Edit Page/Post editor or do you mean the dashboard?

Do you receive any errors? If you disabled the theme (if you’ve dashboard access) does the error go away?

If you cannot change the theme due to not being able to get into the dashboard, try doing ti via FTP instead.

Log into FTP and navigate to /wp-content/themes/ and rename the theme folder (it will revert to the default).

If that does not resolve the issue, I suggest checking your installed plugins and again, if you cannot access the dashboard to disable them (and test for conflicts) you can then do the same as you did with the theme, simply rename the plugin folders via /wp-content/plugins/ by adding _deactivated to the end of those plugin folders.

Hope this helps.

Hi Denoizzed,

I would like to change make changes to the css styles sheet and thought it would be easier just to change it in Appearance>Editor.

For example the logo on my site is cropped and stretched on all mobile phone devices: ( and can’t seem to see why this is the case.


Do not change any file or folder permissions to 777. I encourage you change this back.

As for why you cannot access the Editor is unknown to me. That could be due to a variety of reasons.

I can see from a quick inspection of your website that the logo size is controlled by:

h1#logo a { background-size: 60px 52px !important; }

Looks to be coming from your theme settings - are you sure there is no theme option to change this?

Never used this theme before so can’t really say what is available to it.

You can however use CSS overrides if the theme includes that option.

Or you can modify the CSS by opening /wp-content/themes/THEMENAME/style.css and add it there.

Yes I have accessed the files via FTP and changed that value as the logo is 300 x 46, but this does not seem to change anything.

Any suggestions on how I can get the logo to display properly on mobile phone devices?



Looks like you got it sorted out. Likely was due to media queries?

Either way, glad you got things working!