Can't Disable Page View Counter will Newspaper 8

I am having an issue that I’ve never had before. I started blogging 2 years ago, using the Newspaper theme 4.1. I love the theme and have continuously updated with each new version release…

For some reason the page view counter won’t disable with this new theme. I’ve turned the options off in both Jetpack and the Newspaper theme.

What’s worse is that the view counter are only on the “Home” static page articles and they are fixed on “0”… So they don’t even work properly…

Any help out there with this issue? I don’t care for page view counter and just want the option disabled.

Hi @urbanmaxx,

Welcome to the forums! You may need to contact theme author about this issue:

Despite the fact that you are using Newspaper for quite a long time and your item support service may already be over, I still suggest reporting the problem so it can be fixed.


Thank you.