can you review my theme that i will send to themeforest ?

Could you give me your honest opinion about my template? In summary, this is a luxury restaurant theme, which will be developed in wordpress to be sent to themeforest. I have provided 3 images of it here, however, it is a complete template, with 4 pages of home variations, about, menus, chefs, shop, blog and more.

Its impossible to review or comment just using images - have you got a link you would like to share?

He’s asking opinions before coding.

I don’t think it’d get approval as WordPress but you may have chance with HTML. Not to waste so much time, I suggest to code it as HTML template first then submit. If it’s rejected, you won’t get the WordPress version approved.

If it’s approved, you may consider for WP version

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Thank you my friend for pointing that out -
@EffeThemes I agree with the additional advice offered by ki-themes about then coding as an HTML template first.