Can someone tell me why my Web Ad Banner items was rejected

Can someone tell me why my “Google Adwords Banner” items was rejected

hi in my view this is easy to understand why it was rejected indeed. First of all this is too simple graphic design wise and this is limiting the commercial potential of the item too … why would anybody buy something that could be redone rather easily? they would not save time if buying, and by doing on their own , they would save money … u need to put more effort into it to make the design more attractive , original and worked out. In addition u do not have “optimized contrast” between the text and the background indeed, it could be more outstanding …

Noted, Thanks For Valuable Feedback

Hi, I think something is missing from my side may be smart object, review content or any technical issue,
Can you check psd design?

Two More Rejected

as for i know there are no hard rejections for technical reasons but in the logo category with unclosed paths …
as for the rejections i think this is exactly the same reasons that i told u for the previous banners … think about it … if u take out the back picture , then u only have texts … and they are not highly outstanding either …in my view u need to put much more effort graphic design wise in your banners … otherwise the commercial potential is low … people will choose to do by themselves rather than buy i think …

Thanks for your comment.