Can I use the theme which I have used but that website was never live


I have purchased one theme to create one website, activated but that website was always in building stage (coming soon), now it is closed as well. Now I am planning for similar website with different name, I want to know if I can use same theme in the new website, or do I need to purchase new one?

Hi, sure, you can use the theme with the same license.

One more thing you can but you must have to deactivate the license from the old website then you will be able to use the license (activate the theme license) for the new website. each license will be valid for a single end product.

True. I was searching for this, and I found it (at least for the Laborator themes, it works like that!):

4. If for any reason I change the domain how I can remove the old domain?
You can write in our official support area or Email Laborator area and one of our support agents will revoke your old domain from your license so you can activate the theme in it’s final domain.

Thanks for the hint, MGSCODER!