can i use an Admin template UI design in figma as Junior Author to sell on envato

hello envato and fellow Authors i recently purchased an Admin template from ThemeForest for which i plan on using this very Admin template for all of my backend development products That i plan on using for my products on envato since the only thing that i used from within the admin template was just the design system/layed designs i had to convert everything manually by myself onto a JS framework that i am using and also integrate it onto the backend php framework for which i plan on using and build towards my product .
now my query is that would i be able to sale my scripts and code onto code canyon and themeforest with the admin template fully customized to my product’s Business model
kindly help me understand as i need some and guidance towards this before i submit my products onto envato marketplace

No, you can’t without permission.
For doing that you must have to get written permission from the Author of the Admin template. And the Author of the Admin template have to take permission from the envato support. It’s called Author collaboration.

okay how can i get in touch with the author or envato what do i have to start with as the first step

You can contact the Author using their envato market profile page contact form.


upon contacting them what exactly should i explain or ask them for that envato requires inorder for my product to be approved

Just tell them what you post in your first post (this topic main post) mean you would like to use their template for creating your item for envato market.

okay let me reach out to them

basically i need to contact him first before making the push onto envato right ?

You have to contact the template author and the template author have to contact envato support to get permission if you are going to make a family product. the author will share you a ticket ID and you have to mention the ticket ID when you will go to submit the family product.

okay i contacted them and just for the figma design only given that i am writing each and line of code myself and am not using any of thier code but only design the author told me to pay them $800 with the extended license which makes no sense and is quite very expensive and also they claim that i can only be able to use it on 1 end product for which most my products that are to come in future may not be only 1 product that i would be working on towards pushing onto my envato profile i am really confused the author seems to be more interested in making more money than collaborating given that i am willing to use thier templates for backend development

For reference that is really not that expensive given the important part it plays in your planned item.

What benefit is there to them from collaborating if you didn’t pay for the use? Presumably you are not offering a % of sales so not quite clear how the collaboration and use in the backend of your item, helps them?

Depending on the item - the extended license could be hundreds or thousands of $ - this license is not a requirement from envato rather than the author.

so that would mean inorder for my product to be approved by envato i would need to pay them the fee but given that they are more interested in the $800 what if they refuse to send me the token that envato requires towards my submission what would be my work around that then ?

The requirements are:

  • an extended license (an envato set rule)
  • ana agreement with the original author (either no charge, one-off charge, or % of sales etc.)
  • the original author submits a ticket to support stating that you have their permission to use it, and they give you the ticket ID to include in your submission

The arrangement would be between you and the author so envato wouldn’t be able to mediate if there were issues relating to payments, however, I think it is highly unlikely that an author would do that especially if you have an email trail and pay through a proper gateway.

You could also get some kind of contract/signed agreement with them before paying the full amount.

The $800 is really not an unreasonable request - if it was a WP theme this could well be thousands of $ or a significant % of all of your item’s sales.

Out of interest - if you had designed or coded the items you plan to sell and another author wanted to integrate them as part of their item and put that for sale, would you really not expect to be compensated?

well thanks alot for your status in a situational like that well it would depend since it was just an Figma design that i purchased or what they would have purchased i would have been understanding given that thier is alot of work that he/she must have been able to do in regards to the heavy development that he would have handled but i am currently looking into another alternative of an open source admin template for me to use and i make the switch cause this method is quite of a long process with the author as well since i am a new author and cant predict the sales ahead of time i think if i found another admin template and alternative it would give me less headache and would be direct
thanks for the help again!

upon going back and forth with the author who seems to not understand my point i decided to use another admin template that is free and open source instead of using his very Admin Template UI

i did all that but the author is failing to generate an agreement document and to create a ticket as well claiming i am a new author and they cant do that which is the best email or phone number to get directly in contact with support at the envato team to help me out

I’m curious exactly what your point is that the author does not understand?

You can email support but they will not be able to mediate private arrangements. Envato Authors Help and Support

There’s no obligation for the author to create a contract but at the same time you can go ahead and do it and ask them to sign/agree to it - there’s lots of free online e-signature tools

the ticket is crucial - your author level is entirely irrelevant.

out of interest which item is this?

No can’t use just contact with the author and he give authority to use then operate, otherwise if you operate without the permission of author, he will have the right to remove or ban you.