Can I use a JupiterX license on Jupiter 6

I have two Jupiter 6 sites and like it very much. Tried JupiterX and I really hate it. It lacks the flexibility of Jupiter 6 and the included version of Elementor is a cripple. I am planning a new site soon and only find JupiterX in the purchase options.

Is Jupiter X just the new name for Jupiter 6 or is it a completely different theme? If it’s just a name update then you should be fine to use a previous version. But if it’s for a new site you will need another license to use it again.

Hope that helps. Thanks!

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Thanks for the reply, JupiterX came bundled with the most recent Jupiter 6 downloads and the license can be used interchangeably. JupiterX is the newest theme and Jupiter 6 is no longer offered, but the developers promised to support it forever. I need another Jupiter 6 license and while the 6 license can be used on either theme, nowhere can I find any clarity about whether the reverse is true. I cannot ask support as my support has expired and I can’t find a sales address anywhere, It’s a completely new site and i need another license but I really don’t like JupiterX so want to be sure that if I buy it I can use it on 6. Hope I am not overthinking this but I really don’t want to use JupiterX on the new site,

For security you always should use the latest version. Also new version always make with latest version WordPress compatibility. So, if you want to use old version (Jupiter 6) then there is a possibility to face a problem with compatibility issue with WordPress and theme bundle plugins and as a result your website can be listed errors.

Also You can ask any query directly to the theme author by posting comments going through the theme Comments page. The theme author will answer your query.


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Bummer! Maybe I can transfer one of my Jupiter 6 licenses to the new site and put JupiterX on a site that is already designed. I’ll try to find the comments page you suggested. I have a bear of a time finding things on these huge sites.