Can i submit a React version of my Laravel script in Codecanyon?

Hello everyone,

I have a Business Agency CMS built with Laravel, Bootstrap, jQuery. Its getting a good response from the buyers.
Item link:
Now I am thinking to make a React version of this CMS where i will use Laravel as backend. In Themeforest Authors sell React version of HTML templates. Just like that i want to make React version of my Laravel script where i will use Laravel as backend again. Can i do that ? Will that be acceptable in codecanyon.

I hope, i have made it clear to you guys. Thanks for reading the post. Hope i will get reponse from you guys.

Thanks in advance.

yes i think you can do it with different version :slight_smile:

I’m going to say it’s highly unlikely. You’re selling a PHP script, not a template, so changing what framework the interface is made in isn’t really creating a new item, it’s just a slight alteration that isn’t important for your buyers.

ThemeForest items can do this because the framework is extremely important to the buyer, in fact it’s impossible to use the template without it being the proper framework. Not the case for a PHP script.

Ultimately you’ll need to ask support for an answer on this one – Envato Authors Help and Support


Thanks for your reply. I will contact the support center.

Yes, you can. Someone prefers the other. Still it will come down to how much is this worth and how much will be downloaded. If the original script is going well, why not.