Can I move thema's license to another domain.

I bought wordpress theme at envato market and make a site.
And I would like to change this domain to other of this page.
Of Course I close the first domein site.
Can I move license of this theme bought at envato market?

I’m happy if I hear your advice.

As I understand it, while this may be technically possible, it’s not ok from a licensing perspective as regardless of the first site being deleted or not, the second is still a separate project.

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Hi, I think you should contact the author of theme you are using to ask about if you can move the license to another domain when you delete the first domain. If they allow, they may help you with this. Thank you

Thank you for reply my question.

Thank you for your reply, halothemesteam.
Yes, will ask theme’s author.

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Yes, you are welcome :slight_smile: