Can I give free file as incentive to buyers?

Can I give a free file if the buyer purchase one of my items?
The item in question is not for sale on Envato. I will create just to give it away.

I’ve edited my comment because of the reply from @charlie4282.

After reading the shared link, it does look as though this is not allowed.

This could be the very reason I haven’t seen this done in awhile.

Thanks Charlie!

I don’t think you can

Self Promotion & Incentive’s Sales both are not allowed on Envato.

No, you cannot do this.

but i have seen products doing it

releasing lite version in CC and full version in their site and linking to it from CC
releasing major version in CC and selling add-ons from their site, linking from CC item details page

@jyostna - just consult Envato support before, but i tell you for sure you are not allowed and you risk your item disabled.
I for sure don’t consider fair play if other fellow authors start throwing free items only to get ahead.

@twisted1919 Hey, I am not going to do it

I am just saying…i have seen items doing that.

Linking from CC to your site is not allowed:

You can give away free stuff, but it has to be included in your main item file, so then you’re not really including free stuff, it’s just a more valuable item. So I can say in my motion graphic item “Free After Effects project included!!!”, but I’m not really including a free After Effects project, I’m just providing a motion graphics video and After Effects project.

Hopefully that makes sense?!

So basically it means we can include after effects project files which we develop we can giveaway with graphic river file as a free?

I already asked to envato team about giving free stuffs to the buyer if they buy my work.

Like designing free logo if any one buy my item.

but Enavto team said that they don’t allow incentivizing sales and self promotions.

Well I’m not sure if you’d include an After Effects project file with a Graphic River item, but you get the idea. Off the top of my head, I guess you could include a free letterhead template with a business card template… or a free icon set with a Wordpress site, or a free logo animation with an explainer video template, or a free astronaut model with a space-shuttle model.

You’re not really giving anything away for free though, you’ll just be uploading your main zip file that contains all the bits and your item will be priced accordingly.

Although you can always add “Free astronaut model included!!” in your space shuttle description, to make it sound slightly more exciting.

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Thanks for your suggestions and comments…

My case is a little different. I want to give a project (rigged character in AE) to encourage the users to learn how to animate, and then, if they will, buy my project. Actually it is a very easy project to create, but not to begginers, so It can encourage new users.

In other words, any one could download the lite project. Then, if they will, they buy my project, that have a lot of options, but would be better used if the users know how to animate,

What you think? Is it allowed?

This link make me think that I can:

However, exclusive authors can create and give away, for free, unique items on their personal blog or website which are not for sale on Envato Market.

You can, with the right wording.