Can I give items to be awarded in a Giveaway?

Hi everyone,

I wonder if I can give some of my items to be awarded in a giveaway.
Since my items should be only sold here in Envato marketplace, is it OK to give them for free in a giveaway?


Nope, each giveaway copy must be bought before giving it for free.

Where can I find this information?

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I think I got it now.

Basically I can’t offer my items ON SALE for free but I can give other items I have for free as long as they are not being sold on Envato Marketplace.

thanks guys,

What if I purchase them myself under a 2nd account, then give them to the blogs to give away? Or does the blog thats giving it away have to purchase it themselves?

It’s safest to follow the guidelines posted here which say the 3rd party has to purchase