Missed the 2018 Gift of Giving Freebies

Of course this is by no means a policy issue of Envato, I just occasionally miss some of the available freebies and wondered if there’s a grace period for things like the Gift of Giving freebies?

Unfortunately not

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I’ll give you some items for free if you want - I can do it according to envato rules :slight_smile:

why not. :slight_smile:

Are you sure? https://help.author.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000471346-Can-I-offer-my-items-for-free-on-a-promotional-basis-

" Authors cannot offer their items for free on Envato Market, nor promote free items anywhere on the Envato Market sites. Additionally, if an author is exclusive, they cannot offer items that are for sale on Envato Market for free on another site without voiding their exclusivity agreement with Envato Market."

:slight_smile: now I am not sure


sorry I just wanted to be nice :slight_smile: so… Ryan sorry I can’t. :wink: I am still exclusive for the market… that’s true… :slight_smile:

Hi Ryan! Unfortunately not - once a free file promotion is over, those items are automatically reset to their previous price.

Last year’s Gift of Giving included a second wave that returned all previous freebies to the promotion for an extra 48hrs on the 24th. Other longer-running promotions (Free File of the Month, etc) will generally have a reminder email sent out in the final 24-48hrs.


yeah makes sense, just disappointed that I only found out about it a couple days after it was over. I also don’t get any emails about these things and not sure why. I was just seeing if there was any room for a week grace period or something, I guess I assumed there wouldn’t be but doesn’t hurt to ask

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No worries - I can also check with our email team, as they should be able to put you on the Market Mail list that our free file notifications go out to.

Definitely a bad idea. You are definitely not allowed to do this, according to Envato Terms of Service! :slight_smile: