How Can Author Make His Product Available @ CodeCanyon Free For Some Time

Hi there!

We have been part of the community for more then a year and have some WordPress and WooCommerce based plugins. Now we were thinking to give away some items for free for some duration. But for that can’t find any documentation out there.
Is it possible to do so for author at Codecanyon?
If yes, then how can one do so

@wpexpertsio You can submit your plugin for free file month so that envato can list your item for free.

No - you cannot give products away for free (unless chosen as the free file of the month). You can discount them but that would be to everyone and you need to follow the guidelines

Thanks Charlie! for making things clear.

To follow up on @SSV_Themes’ comment about the Free File nominations, you can find the CodeCanyon version here: CodeCanyon Free File nomination: Mar-Jun 2017

That list is now being used for the regular “Free File of the Month” items, as well as free items used in other promotions like Market Mail emails.

If you’re interested in finding out about any other new marketing campaigns, you can subscribe to the Community Campaigns list here or follow the #envato-marketing tag on the forums :slight_smile: