Providing Bonus with each purchase?


I am planing to provide a bonus PHP script to my customers, which i am not selling on CodeCanyon (Free with purchase only).

Do codecanyon allow this?


No it’s not allowed

what if someone purchased the item and register at my site for support/sale purpose, can I offer them on my site? instead on codecanyon sale page?


Maybe but you should check with envato support to be sure.

Either way you definitely would not be able to mention it anywhere prior to them registering on your site

Okay! Messaging them right now!

Nope! That is definately not allowed! You are not allowed to give any bonus material or advertise any such material on your items or in the description. That includes freebies, gifts, small extras or anything of a sort. You are selling exactly what you show in then item title and description. This was discussed a few months ago in regards to “bonus plugins”

Imagine this. I’ll give every customer I have a bonus for their purchase. I have about 50 Themes just sitting on my PC. I’ll most certainly get an unfair rise in front of my competition as users would be purchasing for the freebies included.

You can give freebies on your blog, but don’t advertise them as bonuses for purchases, or gifts, don’t advertise them directly on your item or profile at all. That is strictly forbidden and you may end up in a heap of trouble! :slight_smile:

Wondering if @KingDog can confirm this! :slight_smile:

Correct. You can’t give incentives to purchase. Such as free files, installation etc.


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Thanks mate! Much appreciated! :slight_smile:

So its mean i can’t advertise bonus/free/freebie etc on codecanyon sale page, but I can show offer on my website/blog

P.S. Please confirm its allowed if I tell my potentioal clients about free gift with every purchase on my blog, but not on codecanyon?

Please confirm!


No. You are not allowed to do that. That is considered an incentive. And those are NOT allowed. You can post that on your blog, but not on your item page, your Envato profile, item comments, or other places that is or are Envato Sister Sites. - Post whatever you wish - Not allowed to post anything that is defined as an incentive.

Exactly :slight_smile:

Thanks, everyone!

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