Can I download unlimited sounds at 33$ monthly subscription package ?

I just saw a top banner in Audijungle , that says 16$ monthly subscription and download unlimited sounds. But I am interested in 33$ monthly subscription ,Can I download unlimited sounds at 33$ monthly subscription package ? Thank you .

The subscription is for Elements, not for Audiojungle. Only the sounds and music included in Elements are available with the subscription.

Hope it clear things out!


Audiojungle is added to Envato elements .

It is not added a whole Audiojungle, just some items. You will need to check that Elements page to see what is all included.

That’s incorrect. There is indeed audio now included in Elements, but it’s not the Audiojungle catalogue. Only a small selection, which you can find at the link I provided in my previous post.



No, not all the Items on Audijungle are available on Elements. But there are still plenty to choose from. Here’s the current list of Sound Effects
and Sound Effects you can download.


They are misleading the people with this unlimited download. They just did the same thing to me with two files.

The unlimited downloads is true and not misleading.

However, putting the banner at the top of the AudioJungle page is misleading and leaves the buyer thinking that they can download any item from AudioJungle if they sign up to Elements.