Can I download music licenses after my Elements subscription ends?

Hi. I download various music for my projects. If there is a need one day, can I download a license when the subscription ends?

Or do I need to download a license with music now?

Also, is the project name important here? Is it a problem to use a generic project name? Like “name + surname + projects”

For the Elements subscription, you must use the items you download and finish the project BEFORE your subscription ends. You cannot use any of the items you downloaded in any new projects after your subscription ends.

Thank you for your answer. This is bad news and makes no sense. :frowning:

I subscribed to download presets for Lightroom. While I was a member, I downloaded some music and photos to use in various projects in the future.

Does this apply to all items? Premiere, Wordpress templates etc.

Yes, you cannot stockpile items for future use, otherwise there is no reason for people remaining subscribed.


It applies to all items on Elements. If you want items for future use then you should buy them from the Marketplaces, such as GraphicRiver, VideoHive, AudioJungle, etc.