Product use

Can I still use the products that I have licenced after my subscription expired? :thinking:

Yes but the project needs to be finalised and complete when you are subscribed. i.e. you cant stockpile files for post-subscription use

So if I license music to use for my youtube video, I can’t use it after? :thinking:

you can use the downloaded item only for your end project which you have registered already. for new project use you have to download again and have to register again for the new project. just you cannot stockpile items for future use and cancel the subscription.

Everyone’s explained it already, but just to make it super clear… once that video is finalised, and will be subject to no further changes, it then becomes an ‘end product’. You can use end products forever, and usually in a multitude of ways (as long as they’re allowed within the license terms) whether you are subscribed or not. An example would be uploading that Youtube video to Facebook a year later… that would be fine.

You just can’t use the Elements items when you aren’t subscribed… so you couldn’t make a ‘Part 2’ to your video for example, when you’re not subscribed, using the audio you downloaded when you were subscribed. To have a valid license to use the track again in the creation of a new end product, you’d need to resubscribe for as long as it takes to create that new end product.

So to answer your question…

…you can’t use the audio track after. You can use the Youtube video after (which includes the audio track).

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