Can i contact with quality team of Envato some how?

I bought a theme and plugins here pretty often. But as i am growing as a developer i can see some of themes or plugins (because they not that popular imo) has awe-full code quality inside.

Using old stuff like mysql database classes from 2015… unsupported outdated Page Builders like KingComposer etc…

I wold like to force the authors to improve their quality… when i make some tikets they can do some changes while i have 6 moth free support.

But after that time developers just stop making those changes. and when you update the theme or code the code has same errors they already fixed just only for my case.

Also i see how they manipulate reviews by simply deleting… I make a few honest low rated and they are deleted by authors some how.

So if they wont to improve the code because my review i dont see any other options to do something…

So no one suffer like me? Every plugin or code is perfect? =)

I see a ton of possible errors in the code… cant believe some one approved this