Can i add images into my asset folder for buyer? that images I have used in template.

here are images that you can see it. that I have used in the template.

Can I use non-Envato photos of people in my item download?**

Photos of people are allowed in item download provided that:

  1. You obtained an appropriate license to redistribute that photo under the Envato licenses
  2. Photos of identifiable people must have a model release, as your Envato item is a commercial use. If you took the photo yourself, you need to obtain a signed model release.
  3. Photos of famous people are not allowed.

more here: What Assets Can I Use In My Items? – Envato Author Help Center

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Thank you!!

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Here i have found rules for common rejection reason -
what is meaning of 4th point where i have add arrow line on point.

Hi Zekehu,

Your final template/theme should not include the logo of your project, nor demos of third party, nor any link of your website or third party when your customer install your item.

Useful for placeholders:

Or generate placeholders individually:

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thank you so much webdesigntrade…for help me… i have uploaded 2 template but both are hard reject by themeforest team - i have dought on images that’s why i have ask here…
Thanks again!!!